Welcome to SERVE7! support on a mission

I’m Jo Jowett and I’d like to introduce you to SERVE7. I am on a mission to offer support to organisations in the charitable sector – those seeking to serve God’s mission locally and globally. The name of my venture is significant to what I am offering. First and foremost, my strategic priority and mission is to serve – helping your organisation to fulfil its mission – and to do this in seven key ministry areas.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, I can offer support in the areas listed in my ‘7-fold offering’. You can read more about my wide-ranging ministry experience in the ‘past projects’ section which may inspire you to investigate further how I can serve you. So, whether it’s project management, event planning, work on your publications, or supporting your trustee board, let’s talk about how I can help.

So, what’s different about this? I’m planning to offer my services without charge!


SERVE7 exists to support and serve the missions community as part of the charitable sector across seven key ministry areas:

  • project management
  • governance support
  • publication editing and proof-reading
  • exhibition and event management
  • branding and design coordination
  • video storyboarding and production
  • staff support and coaching


Over the past 18 years, Jo has gained experience across a wide spectrum of ministries. As Associate Director of Christian Vocations and Mobilisation Director of Global Connections, her work has ranged from governance roles on six different trustee boards, running events and planning interactive exhibitions, to editing publications, branding projects, and video production.

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City Pastors





Having worked with many organisations in the missions’ community, large Christian events across the UK, and with many individuals who have moved on to engage in mission across the world, here’s what some people are saying:

‘Through her energetic and innovative involvement in Keswick Ministries, Jo brought to life its vision and heart for world mission. As a Trustee, she urged the Council to keep mission central, as a hands-on enabler she developed highly-attractive and creative mission-themed exhibitions, and as a well-connected leader she supported the development of new initiatives amongst the rising generation. I have witnessed that same energetic and passionate commitment to mission as Jo has resourced ministries such as GOfest around the country, running events to equip churches in the cause of mission. SERVE7 promises to be a significant platform for resourcing and inspiring mission, and I very much welcome this initiative.’

‘Jo is a force of nature! She gets things done, she is a team builder, and she can be relied on to deliver on her objectives. Jo is also passionate about mobilising everyone to become intentionally missional and pours herself into every team she is part of. I have always been impressed with Jo’s care and attention to those around her and is an excellent resource investigator. Jo is well-experienced and adaptive with a caring heart. She is a real believer in teamwork, getting everyone to the finish line. I am privileged to have worked with Jo over the years and look forward to all that is ahead!’   

‘I’ve worked with Jo on many projects over the years. She brings with her a wealth of experience of the UK charity, church, and mission scene. Whether you need help with governance, strategic consultancy, or creative input into a specific programme, Jo probably has experience in that area.’

‘Jo has faithfully served Keswick Ministries and Keswick Convention for over 20 years (12 years as a trustee). Since I became Ministry Director four years ago, I’ve appreciated in particular her thoroughness and efficiency in organising and running a large mission exhibition venue as part of the annual Keswick Convention, liaising with exhibitors, suppliers, Convention staff, volunteers, and conventioners, particularly those exploring a call to serve.  Jo has a heart for mission and is keen to use her experience in the Lord’s service. 

‘I have enjoyed working with Jo. She is committed to doing things effectively, delivering at a high standard, and helping people discern what God is saying to them. I saw this over many years as she set up the SERVICEstation each year, leading a team of people from different agencies, to give information and vocations advice to Spring Harvest guests.  I never had any doubts that it would be done well.’

‘I can’t think of anyone more suited to help the missions’ sector at this time than Jo Jowett, through her newly established SERVE7 resource. Jo is a long-standing member of St. John’s, supporting the world mission ministry within the church (including overseeing our recent rebranding project), being on our welcome team, participating in services, and also running City Pastors in Birmingham, which has been a part of St. John’s wider ministry and brings volunteers from across denominations together. It’s exciting to see her take the range of skills and experience she’s gained and offer it to the missions’ sector more widely.’


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